I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE with all of you THIS: My first official music video from the new album, "This Is Where I Wanna Be". 

This entire project has been a joyful rite of passage for me. I have made mistakes which have led me to new discoveries, and magical epiphanies and synchronicities... and have stepped into a greater part of my artistic expression. I've met and collaborated with fantastically talented people that I now call friends... I am creating my career consciously purely because I LOVE THE ART of WHAT I DO. Living IN my art And I LOVE SHARING IT... hoping to ignite a spark of something within those who care to listen and watch what I share....

Making this video was special to me not only because it is my first one of this kind. My first official music video (not at a gig) but also because I am so very gratified by the special arrangement that I created along with Rich Eames, and Jon Stuart, of a familiar song from my childhood. I love this song. It is evocative. It makes me smile.

I remember when I was a kid watching MTV, seeing all those fantastic and fun videos--- some more creative than others, thinking I wanna make a video someday. Now, I have done it! Yippee!!! And there are more to come from this album because the music is so rich and emotional for me. It just makes sense to extend the auditory expression to a visual presentation. I hope you enjoy it. 

If you do, please leave a comment here or on youtube. Youtube comments and likes really help the visibility of a video... and I'd like to share this with as many people as possible. Thank you so much for being a part of my musical life story!

Love, Sharon