The Jazz Network Worldwide has taken a new stance, its introducing well-seasoned artists to the decision makers in the jazz performance arena, beginning with the rich and distinctive vocal style of internationally acclaimed Jazz artist Sharon Marie Cline.  

For the past decade Sharon Marie has blazed the trail of exclusive jazz venues across the country with The Bad Boyz of Jazz.  A seasoned veteran on stage,  Sharon captivates audiences with her soulfully expressive signature sound as she personally engages her fans with memorable tunes that serve as a backdrop for many of our lives. Sharon’s current CD ‘This is Where I Wanna Be’ has received a wide array of airplay and tremendous reviews from international critics and reviewers in jazz. Her original song ‘Sugar On My Lips’  ( and her unique and dreamy arrangement of ‘Laughter In The Rain’ are two of the most popularly played songs from the album on international radio. 

Cline’s quartet is noted for their contribution to the jazz experience by captivating the audience with a repertoire encompassing jazz standards, R&B/Pop classics and some original compositions.  Her next project is slated to be released in the summer of 2016. “With the success of my last album, “This Is Where I Wanna Be”, and on the heels of a successful performance at the recent JFLY Music Festival in Georgia, I’ve decided that my voice is  my passport and my new mantra for 2016 is “have voice, will travel!”.  I have carved out a fan base that spans from Portugal, Venezuela, England, Germany, Australia, France and Switzerland to national cities in the U.S. This success has caused me to spread my wings and broaden my musical horizons. There are wonderful venues around the world that I am anxious to explore and  I am eager to cultivate a new fan-base” says Sharon.

"Sharon Marie Cline is undoubtedly one of the great singers of the moment..."  -- Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Global Beat

Cline maintains a busy life in entertainment from touring, recording and live performances.  Her sets encompass different configurations, from being a featured artist with a big band to leading a small combo. In addition, she offers vocal master classes either coupled with live performances or in a single scholastic setting. 

Always on tap with the new trends in keeping her fans engaged, Cline has created her own social community, captioned “” which affords her the opportunity to create closer relationships to her fans and buyers alike.   This innovative social environment allows Sharon to keep her members ‘in the know” of her touring schedule, record releases, radio interviews, periscope clips of her concerts and bi-weekly heart-song quotes that she extends to her fans to keep them inspired.   “I’ve never met such an avid networker, one who is consistently elevating and perfecting her craft.  It’s a pleasure to endorse Sharon’s artistry to worldwide festivals through our platform, for she’s always creating new ways to entertain her audience” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

On November 19th in Temecula, California, Sharon will be performing with her trio at the acclaimed ‘Jazz at the Merc’ from7:30pm to 10pm. If interested in booking Sharon Marie Cline on your next festival or event, stop by and ‘take a listen’ to her music at her official website "LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN" FROM SHARON'S NEW CD RELEASE